Trigger Point Handheld Body Roller

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Trigger Point Handheld Body Roller:
- Portable & Convenient
- Easy Clean-Up
- Self-Myofascial Release
- Comfortable Grip

Product Description:
FoxFit Trigger Point Body Roller is a great tool for Athletes—Self-Myofascial Release! This one of a kind self-massage, massage therapist and/or masseuse tool. Small enough to fit in any bag—making it convenient and portable it can be used on yourself or a client. FoxFit Body Roller is waterproof with no internal parts, making clean up a breeze. The grip is formed to be comfortable in your hand while not interfering with the ball movement. From the hole in the grip add some massage oil to intensify your experience. Bring FoxFit Body Roller into a relaxing bath to experience targeted relief of your muscles from this simple yet amazing massage tool.

Athletes: Warming Up or Cooling Down from Activity (i.e. Workouts). Apply pressure to muscle, once you find a tender spot hold controlled pressure in spot for 10-30 seconds. Traditional Massage: Light pressure with long strokes on the skin with additional circular kneading.

Deep Tissue: Apply deep compression in the muscle and friction along the grain of the muscle. Trigger Point: Apply pressure on points/knots in the muscle for 10-30 seconds. Massaging Hands and Feet: Roll Body Roller back and forth and/or apply pressure on the base of the foot or palm of the hand. - See more at:

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